Puig: レーシングスクリーン HONDA VFR800 (02'-11') スモーク, 西枇杷島町 cebf8610

HONDA レーシングスクリーン VFR800 HONDA Puig: Puig: (02'-11') VFR800 レーシングスクリーン VFR800 スモーク スモーク HONDA スモーク Puig: (02'-11') レーシングスクリーン (02'-11')

Puig: レーシングスクリーン HONDA VFR800 Puig: VFR800 (02'-11') HONDA スモーク, 西枇杷島町:cebf8610 --- officewill.xsrv.jp


Puig: レーシングスクリーン HONDA VFR800 Puig: VFR800 (02'-11') HONDA スモーク, 西枇杷島町:cebf8610 --- officewill.xsrv.jp
(02'-11') VFR800 レーシングスクリーン HONDA スモーク Puig: Puig: レーシングスクリーン VFR800 HONDA スモーク (02'-11')
当店通常価格19834.1000円 (税込)
レーシングスクリーン VFR800 (02'-11') HONDA スモーク Puig:


Double height Racing Screens produced with Acrylic of High Impact of 3mm.
Special shaded part on the lower section of the screen to cover cables behind the speedometer.*
Smooth cleaned edge finish from 2004 models, and a great optical vision.
For weight and clarity purposes, PUIG created the 2M line for racers.
*(Except in black, dark smoke and carbon look colors).
Once again setting apart from competitors, PUIG informs that from January 2011 will not use the alert sticker
advising on the magnifying glass effect, which causes burns on the dash after leaving the bike parked against the sun.
There are 5 models where there were problems,
but from now on we will supply with the screen a small piece very well finished that will avoid the reflection and any possible damage.
The models where this will be supplied are:
Honda CBR600F 01-07'
Honda CBR600F 11'
Honda CBR900 02-03'
Honda CBR1000RR 04-07'
Yamaha R1 09'

These are the available colors for this product
Black REF. 1097N
Blue REF. 1097A
Clear REF. 1097W
Dark Smoke REF. 1097F
Red REF. 1097R
Smoke REF. 1097H

CODBAR: 1097000000726

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Puig: レーシングスクリーン HONDA VFR800 (02'-11') スモーク
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